Sunday, November 16, 2003

laced with brilliant smiles and shining eyes

i have a plan to go to japan in the near future with the girls
and all because i watched ripley's last night
its like they featured this indoor beach thing with a lot of hot girls lurking around and its 75 fareheit all day and the waves are spectacular and who gives if i dont surf i can waddle around and feel great anyway
and its a water theme park
A WATERRRR THEEEEMEEE PARRRRRKKK .. please tell me how great that is especially since fantasy island closed down so long ago and i've never, i repeat, NEVER been to a water theme park ever since

lets strut down memory lane
anyone remember the subarashi ?

vern - well you silly goose eeloo (pronounce it) too
pau - heehee sugar overdose eeeeloooo too
geof - yeah oh man i was watching the wallabies kick some seriooouuusss allblack butt and i was so depressed i kept channel surfing but yeah the wallabies played very good defence .. TOO GOOD
den - haha okay okay denzie .. BENZIE
j - thanks for the offer candybeans ai ai lah

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