Saturday, November 22, 2003

peel it off and bite

well well
my feet hurt my eyes are swollen many muscles in my legs are aching the living shit out of me
and i'm lovin it (no no no macdonalds puns please)

the OH's are finally OHver its OH OH OH OHVERRRRRRRR -does the jiggy wiggy dance-

marns and i lost our pubbing virginities yesterday to the sultan of swing
more commonly known as SOS but when i first heard it i just imagined it being lit by like red-alert lights and like sirens beeping all over the place but alas, it stand for sultan of swing. so strike my imagination

well enough of this hoohoo. i, a true blue stiffie danced the night away with a bunch of people i adore and some. it was hot, sweaty, and there were people vigourously stomping away like they were stomping on fucking grapes. and i dance like a scarecrow gone haywire (ha. ha.) and nevermind the very distrating couples that were just doing the fancy-schmancy right in front of me. i was happy. i was actually happy. now repeat after me, HAIR-PEE.

monks was a maniacal magical dancing frenzy

in short, it was a tremendous balloon of fun and guess what,
i think i like this thing.
i actually, really like it

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