Tuesday, December 30, 2003

and i wish for ..
"whirled peas"

shouldn't really be awake right now but just felt like blogging

met the clique in town to watch them play pool
nothing spectacular
dinner after at sushi tei
we love salmon belly soup

headed down to china black and i felt my intestines twirling around and i started to panic. a fat ol' SORRY for marn for threatening to pull out at the last mo. you know what nerves does to me .. really didn't mean to grrar you or anything. was just too taken by my nerves

but all was well.
it was one of the better nights but i realised it sucks being short because you can't get no air on the dance floor. all i get is secondhand air. how most disappointing but enough enough you dont want to hear the disgruntled musings of a vertically challenged person

music was satisfying not to mention gratifying considering the fact that i'd been bopping my head to random music the entire week. and yes, the dancing was pretty peachy too

love the sistas marn and sam love love love. ay girls, i wanna go try out my theory asap ;)

i should stop being such a bitter and angsty person.

drown the negative thoughts
drown the negative thoughts
drown the negative thoughts

and i don't wanna work anymore
cause sometimes i just can't ignore
the way i feel when i see you smile.
and someday i'll just shut my eyes
and maybe then you'll realize...
i'm just a fucking geek in love with you.

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