Thursday, December 25, 2003

feel the love

xmas time is here
feel the love

long recap of yesterday

met up with the girls - marn sam and dith. girls of the jewems finally reunited. walked around. just did usual hanging out .. played some pool, yakked here and there and just enjoyed quality girl time

headed to gramma's place for family dinner

town was a madhouse after that. the cousin and i walked from gleneagles hospital all the way to taka. we surpassed FOUR buses on foot. traffic was tres mad; pedestrians started to just walk on the road and soon enough an entire lane was taken by pedestrians. people walked across the street when the traffic light was shining a bright red and totally ignoring the deafening horns coming from annoying drivers slamming their steering wheels. add tres fucked up people spraying fucking fake snow thinking it's OH-SO-FUNNY and OH-SO-FUN at strangers and/or spraying the fake snow at their friends and playing catching like "AHHHHHHH!" vulgarities were in the air

ah, the spirit of christmas

headed down to monks. usual monks time plus precious people all around. sam but of course made my night just by coming down. hope you had fun and filled the dance crave you had. and marnif you feel guilty or anything, don't sweat the small stuff clubbing kaki :) we can do it again anytime anywhere anyhow :D hope you had fun with TWU. had fun dancing very silly moves with monstar. we're both getting old, hor ? ;) i'd say it was a pretty enjoyable night with some psychos appearing - trying, but failing to dampen my christmas spirit.

then down to the ritz with pau; rick; gen; colin; hui; gabriel and alex everybody say WAHHH .. RITZ AR ?!

haha well yes. just hung around, slept/leaned (sorry gen) and just hung loose man. more good-natured fun just from hanging out with pleasant people. and the place is SEEBEI POSH AR ! i was like a little (no short jokes, please) tourist with the gaping mouth and shining eyes in tow. i love 6star hotels; don't you ?

and well now i'm home, and i'm off to bed. oh holy sleepiness :O

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