Monday, December 22, 2003

easy peasy lemon squeezy

i've been gorging myself silly with pineapple tarts
NOT a good idea considering xmas is coming up and the big ol' wedding is up ahead too. doubt my sis would like to have a roly poly bridesmaid

and to anyone who's interested out there; i applied into AC, and i got in. to be honest, i don't know how the 'fuck' i got in. cos do i fucking look like part of the admissions comittee to you ? so i'm sorry, i can't tell you HOW i got in, i can just tell you that i did. all i know is that i got in the way everybody else did, through my own merit. take it or leave it (and the comment about your manners still stands. you do not just come and tag someone annonymously. rude.)

sam: i doubt you'd be able to see this till you get back but but but OMG IM SO EXCITED ! and yes you're definitely seeing me on the 24th definitely without a doubt babe. oh heck presents as long as you're back, everything is merry. now now where's that stupd j-ho to complete us ?! quick quick come back you know we miss you :D

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