Friday, December 19, 2003

damn girl excuse my french

dont think the lessons at alliance francaise are ever going to actually materialize.
but french is the language of love, and i want to speak that language fluently thank you very much.
enough random musings

i get to wear my sister's diamond studs for the wedding
everybody say 'HEY-AY!'
failed in the attempt to get mom to buy diamond earrings and a diamond crucifix for me yesterday. jie was trying very hard to help me plea my case but to no avail as the mother replied with a "AIYA. SHE'LL LOSE IT"

how hurting.

but hurting.

okay. new fancy.
mary-janes, ballet flats and pointy flats.
tres stylish pair by marc jacobs but it costs a hefty $260. i refuse to pay that much for a pair of shoes. nuh-huh.

xmas is coming, you know what to do. (i'm a size 5 santa !)

-: well i stay in central singapore, near orchard. hmm might take mrt to buona vista or take a bus from far east but i dont know what bus it is though. will experiment both routes for best results. lol

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