Thursday, December 18, 2003

riddle me silly

am really tuckered out
got home at 330 yesterday after a night at sos and supper at newton after

it was an okay night
was feeling tres wasted, but without the alcohol. couldn't really let go and kinda spent the whole night looking at other people.
what a waste of a good twelve bucks.
just felt very ugh when i got home and had a dream-filled night. garh

but my deepest sorries to marn for being so stoned during the night and being a blankety blank clubbing dancing kaki that kept on staring into space and even walked out halfway. i promise friday and etc will be better. i'll take afternoon naps. :)

all to-be acsians please contact me. peis and i need and want all the transportation companions we can get to school plus we don't know who else is going too. and btw, yes, it's public transport. (wipe that shocked look off your face. this spoilt brat is growing up) i better make good use of the first three months cos i'm bound to be booted out of AC in three months time

bah i'm going back to bed

-: that's great man hey where do you stay we should go to school together. you in arts or science? reveal your identity please. haha whatever it is, see ya next year

interested: um. -sheepish. sixteen.

ve: v-twin my darling sorry can't sign your guestbook you know signmyguestbook is so entirely fucked. -sigh. WHY MUST YOU LIKE SCIENCE SO MUCH ?! :\

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