Sunday, January 11, 2004

it was a heartfelt game when it began

headed down to school yesterday for CCA fair
auditions are scary scary scary
so i hope the audits on tuesday turn out peachy
wish me luck

headed out with girlfriends yesterday
bought new nikes
the funniest sales pitch i've ever heard in a long while
and i quote
"uhh, not many girls have such tiny feet anymore (he obviously hasnt met wyn but nevermind) so you are the chosen one
cracked the living nuts out of all of us. he's got my vote for salesperson of the year.

then went to yang's farewell bash at her place
her house had the best food and sab brought amazing cookies. we all became cookie monsters of the night (MONSTAR ;)
it was fantatic catching up with old friends
just being in their company rocked my little hidden socks (looks at sam dith and hui)
sam stayed over

i absolutely adore my girlfriends.

out early today with the samoo.
BOUGHT NEW POINTY PUMPS they're absolutely adorable
got a guess top
and bought many pairs of socks
i think i have some sort of weird sock fetish
how strange


-: haha dont you miss orientation? eh alleria rocks more okay don't fight with me lol
ian: haha life goes on .. yes it does
JP: haha one day lets all go dance the mass dance again man. corny corny
jul: HAHAHA you saw the pic ! it's for you okay ;)
mel: i hope you're doing well at sports school okay i miss ya babe
interested: haha you are one silly person how do you even know that '-' is a guy or anything? silly silly :)
dith: BOOGIE ! i miss you too it was good seeing you yesterday but we need to catch up more you know?

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