Tuesday, January 13, 2004

paint it with a twist

my mars-kles (pronounce it) ache now
dance auditions today and BOY DO THEY STRETCH A LOT
stretching has got to be a sin in some countries
well things dont seem too peachy but we'll just see how things go then

had a scary class transfer scare today
but all is well. 1AA3 still reigns

clique dinner tomorrow :)
WHOPPEEEE i miss the girls of the JEWEMS

virn: haha okay la jazul and alleria rock cos we're allies right ;)
cookie monstar: yes monstar i miss you leh havent seen you in super long -ELMO HUG !
shawn: 1AA3 ROCKS MY SOCKS !
-: haha dont worry, none taken ! lol OEI DONT FIGHT L A we all rock. but alleria rocks my balls too. EYEBALLS i mean
pau: girlfriend i miss you a lot :|
debz: hey :) see you around in school k?

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