Thursday, January 15, 2004

the road not taken

har har har. now you must be wondering, "WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING AT HOME AT 7:20AM WHEN SHE SHOULD BE IN SCHOOL?!?"

don't you just hate being sick.
i can't believe i'm missing school for the second time in two weeks. how unbelievably tragic. the rashes have faded, but in place of the patchiness is a sore throat THATS KILLING ME and a fever that's making me very very drowsy my eyelids are drooping as i type this

you know how some times you feel SO lousy inside that you just want to cry BUT because your throat hurts you can't really cry properly? mm-hmm. just lived with it for a night. EEGADS. its a royal tragedy

but i'll have you know
that i was changed and READY for school, with my candystriped socks and new mailman bag and all.
but my parents refuse to let me out of the house.
GARH .. for once in my life, when i actually WANT to go to school
they're all against it
they're like "AIYO mae look at you; you look TERRIBLE .."
wheres the logic in things

whatever it is
i'm missing my OG outing today which upsets me tremendously
but even if it kills me,
even if i die in the process,
-evil eyebrow lift slash wink wink

being sick makes me moody.

this is an entry that really doesnt make much sense
excuse me for that
dont mess with a sick woman

curious: haha OEI this is my blog why'd you come to my blog to talk to someone else on my tag huh ?! TALK TO ME ! .. lol. haha but hello anyway
spawn: NO SHAWN i know you're a guy what i didnt say you were a girl ! -sigh i don't get to eat your durian puffs today

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