Sunday, January 18, 2004

why weren't we able to see the signs that we missed

SJI pics up

yesterday was a pretty peachy day
headed down to SN early to watch the cheerleading auditions
it was just great meeting up with ol friends

walked around town with samoo
got myself a shirt that says "pint sized product packs profit punch"
har har i just couldnt keep my hands off it
keeping my eyes peeled for my zara skirt

then down to harbourfront station for senior-junior interaxn
now harbourfront ..
thats a place thats reall far from everywhere else except sentosa
so thats where we were heading
to kenneth's friend's boat (which boasts a mighty yummy cheese puff)
darryl was a fantastic host might i add

quite an impressive number of us turned up
joanne clara grace joy kenneth shawn and i
sab david joel abel timchek shah jingyan

i had a ball of a time
well actually i spent most of the night laughing (oh when do i not)
the pics will explain aLOT

2AA3's a really wack class to be around
they're an absolutely fantastic senior class to have
definitely :D

saw the musical fountain for the first time yesterday
it was pretty cool
who'd believe lights could look so .. whoo
(sam shush already stop calling me a loser. you havent watched LOTR II yet okay. HAH !)

jiang: i saw you too but you looked kinda busy in your conversation couldnt spring up and say hiiii
virn: YES MA'M :)
curious: haha okay it's fine to remain annonymous as long as you don't insult me then its all fine :) lol school's not bad .. usual school life. school ends late tho :|
-: haha YOU ANOTHER ONE LA .. tag my board and end up talking to someone else. it's my board, TALK TO ME LA .. lol. :)
spawn: YAYYY .. i didnt miss the puffys !

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