Tuesday, January 20, 2004

make me sway

the past two days have just been pure transportation NIGHTMARES

had dance yesterday and we're doing this totally 60's dance for 'for you' day
haha DISH DISH ..
but anyhow
jul and i decided to take a train to city hall to catch a cab home
and we waited .. and waited .. and waited .. and wai.. (you get my drift)
for about an hour and a half
called all the cab companies in singapore and listened to chinkinese music countless times
and THEN ?!
i just ended up taking a mert and walking home in the rain with blisters on my feet

took bus no 74 like xinen told me
ended up in HOUGANG after an hour and a half in the bus
har har har
had to NEL back to orchard and walk home

tragedy strikes the innocent

on the upside
got my pleated zara skirt and and and
i bought a precious pair of shoes on sunday
after a tireless day at queensway and ending up emptyhanded,
headed back to town and bought a pair of nikes that look like bowling shoes (says cheeseng), and soccer shoes (says shawn) but BUT BUT ..

it's creamy with pink and purple and i think it looks tres girly
so i dont care if it looks like something remy ong would wear

CNY celebs tomorrow
but our class is getting yusang to toss
so thats pretty fancy schamancy
SJI too
thats a plus because ice cream is good good good

this is quite the worthless entry

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