Sunday, January 4, 2004

spanky pants

NYE's been over for like 5 days now
and i dont think anyone wants to hear about it
so basically it wasnt all too bad. i lived thru the night and made it successfully to 2004.
congratulate me.

first day of school was pretty peachy. despite being late and getting scolded for my orange hair, it wasnt all too bad. got split into clans and groups and houses and whatnot.

have a pretty cool OG (conduit. oh whatever) with nice people all round. save for one kinda tacky guy but hey, never mind that. ALLERIA ROCKED THE HOUSE and i think my group contributed somewhat by winning all the silly games. those games that required a bit more intelligence; we lost. but nonetheless we won most of the games cos they were mostly silly. yeah anid's totally rockin. have nice OGL's that never say die.

had OG outing yesterday; caught school of rock. wasnt too bad and the malfoy lookalike (surprise surprise) LOOKED LIKE MALFOY and a young legolas may i add (sans the pointy ears and long hair). bloody good looking little chap. didn't really do much the rest of the day but nevertheless was quite a blast

heading out to color my hair back to what it's meant to be
goodbye rainbowhead

what a dreary entry

mich: woman if you don't tell me how to get to your blog, how am i going to get there ?! enlighten me please
-: haha you're a carnosian are you .. lol haha yeah we won you guys by a bit but hey, we're still the champs ;) more competition on dirty grimy soapy monday
marn/wyn: looking forward to your crashings :)

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