Thursday, January 8, 2004

theres a musselake going on in my legs
i think it was the duckwalking on tuesday

but you know what? i actually miss that duckwalking-mudscrambling and everything about orientation. didn't think i would, but i do. :
i miss the mass dance :| (COME BABY COME BABY BABY COME COME)
i miss my conduit and my clan (ANID we rock ALLERIA we rock)
[hi michelly if you're reading this ! i read your blog man]
i miss my dolmar's (wenyee yeevon joel THE BEST OGL'S EVER)

i thot the campfire was amazing and the ACJ spririt was EVERYWHERE. we encored the mass dance like a few bajillion times and everyone just danced along. i miss orientation :\ didnt even matter that soot was flying cos of the raging campfire.

first official day of school and lessons
truth be told
i've forgotten the pain school brought to me back when i was in SN and having lessons

but other than that
i guess i survived
i found dommy, who's definitely good to be around. and my classmates are all pretty pleasant. but nonetheless, i'm changing my combi. I'M DROPPING GEOG and taking econs (yes yes seniors, i know its stupid but hey, i cant help it. im rubbish at climates? rocks? stones? WHAT ?!!!)

dont know if i'll be changing classes or anything
guess i'll just have to see how things go.

i'm currently a very angst-driven teen that's highly unhappy with everything around her. footnote: i hate rashes and black hair too. ARGH-

really looking forward to the weekend.

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