Saturday, January 31, 2004

under where?

breakfast is weird
not the meal in general but what i'm eating now
its this pau with a filling i simply can't understand. it tastes like yam, kinda feels like taosar but .. ITS GREEN. strange

had a pretty long day yesterday

school was flat except for a lot of laughing about blerdfoo, mooshy bums, small steps and terrorist attacks

cross country run, jo clara and i were stuck (okay okay. i mean .. enjoying ourselves) at manpower duty.
we were supposed to usher the runners in but in the end we just cheered mindlessly for everyone that came in. anyone that can run 4.8k without totally hyperventilating gets my salute
wanted to guard the milo van actually but i found out that we couldn't
rather disappointing
the only milo i drank (from the van at least) were remnants of other people's
how tragic

headed to dommy's place and sat around
bummed around and bathed and shopped around her closet
sending her into a frenzy (sorry dom) BUT however this kind soul of a friend managed to get us (very picky people are we) all dressed and ready to leave for rashemon in time (thanks babe) she was an exellent host :)
felt like quite the idiot with my school bag and shoes in tow

caught rashemon
it was a very experimental play
and very short too
did intrigue me i must say

being the hungry people that we were
clara, wayne, jo and i headed down to newton
we walked all the way there from AC (someone please applaud me) haha but sorry clara we made wayne carry all our bags. well .. he's the only with testosterone. no?
stingray was king and sotong and satay and lalas
after cla and wayne left i sat around some more with jo ju nic ariel (aaaron OH WHATEVER i really don't know what to call him anymore) grace
haha normal girl chat with a lot of giggling punctuating everything
was the whole RJ and AC thing everyone telling everyone about how exciting their respective schools were. jo and i were busily promoting our school
and i think we won

cabbed home as usual
the fare was $2.50
oh garh HAHA

daryl: thanks :) you're the guy at the airport that day?
shu: haha yes dear i know you're excited. i hope it'll be fun k?
anthea: lol yes what about that mah dear?

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