Sunday, February 1, 2004


found something new that utterly fascinates me
i downloaded itunes because i didnt want to be evil and download free songs (HAR HAR. okay fine .. thats cos i deleted kazaa and being the cow i am i don't really dare to download it again. but i digress)
AND ..
they offer like a hundred radio stations from the states and its split into genres already
which means they have stations that play ONLY hiphop or r&b or what not. ha ha ha.
right now i'm bopping my head to a station from ontario, canada


heading out with the mom to tangs to shop
shopping makes me happy

jeanette: haha. no la the pau wasnt that nice in the end
daryl: haha where do you stay? i mean it depends where you stay and where you're taking cab from right. okay what am i saying .. lol
mich: couldn't get to your guestbook. well anyway if you mean kaya? no no it wasnt kaya. have you even ever heard of a kaya pau? hmm my mom's feeding me very strange food
-: haha we just lived the exact same friday. its quite interesting actually .. haha but whatever it is we're lucky buggers who didnt need to run cross country :)

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