Monday, February 2, 2004

relac jack

phrase of the night that weiyang kept on saying
and now its stuck in my head
relac jack la relac jack ..

chinablack last night
was MUCH more organized than the previous time so kudos to clifford and ziqin for that. no threatening raids and rain and disgruntled people

of course the 'r&b all night' claim was total bull as usual
they started playing house and techno music at intervals
but overall the music was fine

danced till our knees buckled so during the techno interval mike and i were quite relieved for the break to rest our weary legs. tho i got abandoned a coupla times by my numero uno kaki (yes marn i forgive you ;) i guess everything still turned out okay in the end

i really love wenli's hair (or head, rather). this is probably going to come out sounding quite offbeat but i just couldn't stop touching his skinhead. its some sort of weird fetish i swear

anyhoo newton after that with some people (marn weiyang mike matt marlon leslie randy) i was just thankful for the ice lemon tea
finally got home and only got to sleep at seven

rolypoly made my night and just made my day -
without even knowing it

tired am i
don't even remind me about school tomorrow and dance after that

daryl: haha was it you at chinablack last night?
virn: tall lanky virn of mine i'll be seeing you in about twenty six hours and be prepared to wave vigorously to me cos you know i'll be waving hard too :)
mich: haha when/if i find a kaya pau you'll be the first i'll show it too okay

snapshots of best friends

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