Sunday, January 25, 2004

you and i both loved

normally i don't particularly like blogging twice in a row
other than the blatantly obvious fact that my life is so unbelievably boring that there really ISN'T a reason to blog so much,
guess it just makes me feel .. exposed.
har har.
enough with the stupid comments.

just had to blog the events of the past night.

i now know that you should never, ever, ever EVER expect something to be fun, becuase it probably won't end up all that fun.
china black last night with the girlfriends

for one, they oversold tickets
leaving about two hundred people stranded outside with tickets and no entry. add that to the fact that it was raining so everyone was just congregating outside china black with wet shoes and stepping on my toes. (literally.)

rumours of police raids and all that made the situation tense like anything man. haha the police just came in and took a leisurely stroll and went out again. so much for a raid.
BUT they did surround the bloody building, making it impossible for anyone to go in OR come out.
when we did leave for the first time to get away from the place and all it's tension AND weird kylie music, we were told not to come back till after an hour and had to leave by some seedy exit. THRU THE RAIN.
but sitting at lido at listening to marcus bitch about other people was pretty entertaining

finally went back after an hour
and waited for the techno time (oh help me lord) to just go away
and danced to our hearts contents for the last hour
but not without weird guy pressing his body all over you and looking like some serial serious stalker/rapist. EEYER that lil creep

random rants
o1: they didnt play get busy :| SEAN PAUL IS KING
o2: he didn't appear
o3: weird guys that bother my friends are really .. we-ird
o4: 4 o'clock came too soon
o5: happenings on the stage were pretty .. entertaining. okay this isnt a rant its just a comment. eat that

this entry is way too long

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