Saturday, February 7, 2004

ever since i met you
i never could forget you
i only wanna get you right here next to me

its a sleepy saturday morning and i'm quite contented just listening to five for fighting and feeling .. well .. sleepy.

oh no wait i just realised its the afternoon already

last night was phone night
i was on the phone yesterday (and today) for like a total of ten hours
impressive ay? but nevertheless i love catching up with friends but oh well that explains my ear ache. but had a chat with samoo this morning and that always makes me feel good. (mm i still miss you babes no matter how bloody much i talk to you it doesnt change the fact that you're many many km away from me. garh. you do know i'm counting the days till you get back right)

oh arts night came and went
i danced oh yes i did BUT i looked like a little idiot with a corny smile plastered on my face. ack ! bangrah was extremely entertaining and what can i say i just enjoyed the night

i've been a pretty silly mood all day yesterday and it looks set to continue. some things some people just make me happy :) and i'm off to do something i might regret - cut my own hair

boy this entry is long, disjointed and stupid

daryl: haha no la it wasnt that morbid i was just quite sad at the mo
shu: yes babe please come again i didnt even get to see you at all man ! :\ haha the guard's so nice?
then: hey you .. yes you sound tired and i'll be seeing you really soon so .. haha lax jax
virn: hee i have quite a bit of free periods :) but i end super late every day sooo .. thats sad right. okay okay i'll support you but not before you support me cos my class's fund-raising on monday too ;)
jeanette: THATS GOOD babe ! we're selling more food (not just puffs) on monday come buy k? :D

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