Saturday, February 14, 2004

just in time for valentine's

amazingly, i haven't been updating for a week now
seeing that i come online pretty often
it's kind of strange, no?

today's breakfast is normal
i know for sure it's a taosar pau
.. or is it?

i should stop ending paragraphs with a question.

the past week kinda flew by
much to update BUT nevertheless i am lazy so let's just say it's been a pretty good week and leave it at that.
went back to st nicks yesterday to sell tickets (ie: eat)
hmm well we were a bunch of pretty ravenous girls

best part of yesterday was sitting with the girls and singing every song that the students council played really loudly. cheers to sab for 'grow old with you'
dommy and i were hysterical and singing so loudly i scared myself
jo clara dommy and i just sang and swayed to every song that they played
(and skipped lessons cos haha I LOVE PINK SLIPS)
and they played the little mermaid song you know the one where she's like in the sea combing her hair with a fork and alll ..
oh man that was ger-eat :)

stood around at the borders children's section for quite abit before finding something .. purrr-fect.

met up with dith (yes yes FEEL THE LOVE) and we just did catching up and spent quality time. met up with marn for a while too. i just miss the girls of the jewems ay

look at this stuff, isn't it neat?
wouldn't you think my collection's complete,
wouldn't you think im the girl,
the girl who has everything,
look at this trough, treasures untold,
how many wonders can one heaven hold,
looking around here you think,
show her.. she's got everything

part of your world - little mermaid OST

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