Sunday, March 21, 2004

half-hearted commitment

i really should start blogging more.
i think blogging helps me keep track of what i do and without blogging
i kind of forget.

nothing too spectacular about yesterday's posting results

stayed home and ate icky instant rice for breakfast (99% fat free though)
ate roasted chestnuts (warmed only by my silly toaster) and crackers for lunch. and it's not just ANY cracker. its like .. you know during chinese new year we eat 'yu sang' right. okay think about the crispy thingy they sprinkle all over the mass of vege and whatnot thats in yu sang?
haha well meet my lunch

watched yummy louis koo in the detective show

dinner at subway with sam and marn and we discovered the joy of the KIDSPACK and the toys along with it. childish giggles and retardedness were a given haha.

induz3 after.
i mean JACK la it had such a good turnout BUT the dj played the most horrifying techno throughout the night. the cat howling nonsesnse is still in my head. i couldn't even dance properly i was just .. standing there. wasn't much of a dance partner lol. and the people who were howling didn't even manage to finish the cheers and fully crack me up.

oh horror.

on the upside, no one stepped on my feet yesterday.
(this is most definitely a feat for me since my feet have natural magnets for the soles of other people's shoes. especially when we club. .. how strange)
and the toilet at induz3 is absolutely delightful.

must-have supper after. i just sat there and listened to iq nonsense and obviously proved to myself that .. iq questions are NONSENSE. because they prove to me that my iq really isn't very high. how disheartening.

sam's place after
just chatted till we merrily fell asleep at 645
woke up at 9. DON'T ASK US WHY we are evidently crazy because it is just beyond us to sleep through the morning. but of course i got sent home and promptly headed to bed for a good three hours :D

school starts tomorrow.

dang: if you consider taking this template from a template designing website (located on your RHS); then yes i certainly ripped it off :)

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