Wednesday, March 17, 2004

she's said goodbye too many times before

two days of gruelling dance camp finally over.

and now i'm back home with achy-breaky (HAHA WESTERN LINE-DANCING) muscles and a ruined baby toe (a metal rack fell on it then someone stepped on it and now my nail's split in half. OW)

i must say i had fun :)
through our YMCA chickeny-dance; then the western 'achy-breaky' line dance that i could never get; and the kiddy sclub dance that had the funniest actions. and my group (YEAH NUTCRACKER !) our hardworking group leader and and and and dancing to TOXIC like a kazillion times
it was still fun.

stretching was a killer.
yesterday especially it was like a one-hour long stretching session. stretching here and there and (me) attempting to split (and failing)

and today it was supposed to be 'light' stretching BUT nevertheless i nearly blew a blood vessel stretching today too. barwork sent my legs wobbling and i could barely take two steps without shaking.

wello wello.
inflexible ol' me.

the final dance celebrations were entirely enjoyable :)
photos up soon.

some 25 of us caught dirty dancing 2 : havana nights at lido after dance celebrations. it was a fancy-schmancy movie and diego luna is sssssizzzling. of course we all just sat around after the movie at macs just being the happy and merry people we are.

whatever it is,
it feels good to be home :)

chine: hey who's this btw? haha welll shopaholic ol' me i dont know man i just spent and it amounted to quite a bit. HMMM i need restraint
(:: wellllo i guess you're right but that's sorta a direct insult to me SO i don't really know how to respond haha. and thanks but its actually a designed layout so she didnt rip me off
then: yep :)

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