Sunday, March 14, 2004


anyone who hasn't caught breakfast at tiffany's,
but anyhoo it really is one of the best movies; ever.
audrey hepburn takes my breath away.
she's .. exquisite.
the movie seems to transport you to some sort of alternative reality.
i mean, CHECK HER OUT.

i think everyone should go read colin goh's column today in lifestyle
i wonder, if in like seven years or so, i'd get a call from some random AC alumnus and get invited to founder's dinner in a fancy NYC chinese restaurant.
because, ACS forever, you know?
am i even making sense hmmm

past two days have just been solid girl time
i like that.

major points.
- shopping with the girls
- dinner at sammy's
- stayover at sammy's
- in a cab outside embassy at 3am in my pj's
- more shopping
- back to SN for cheer prac
- realised green house won't win and that's disheartening
- i love shopping ($350 in the past two days)
- dinner at TAC
- home sweet home


douglas: nice meeting you too :)
:): haha yes yes i shall go buy it thanks for the tip :D
ng: silly mummy do you honestly think i'd forget you ?! -narrows eyes.
joey: haha HII

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