Monday, March 8, 2004

being mad at each other's
becoming our tradition

party at induz3 on saturday with the girls was fine
altho it was a NUS bash (?! what the ..)
and there were old (40+) people
and they played strange techno and madonna (oh my..)
the rest of the night was a-okay :)
anddd ..
hokkien mee?
hokkien you !

-looks at marns :D

got abandoned by the girls today.
dommy headed to ij, clara went to east shore, jo stayed at home to do art. BUT chalene refused to leave me alone during recess (thank goodness) and entrusted me to the rest of my wonderful (or what was left of it since no one came anyway) class.
so ..
it wasn't a half-bad day. watched plentya videos and i'm not going to continue because nobody wants to listen about a boring day.

oh wello this is a bawring entry.

jiam: aiyo YARH jiamenah is verny's husband hor. i still remember all your loveydovey-ness in class. hahaha okay sorry sorry i dont want to make you jealous i won't display my affection so openly anymore okay? :D either way you love me i love you we all love each other then it's settled aye
judith: JUUUU ! SIGN MORE LA YOU it was nice seeing you that day smarty pants
then: haha yeah
yunx: hey babe hope aussie has been treating you good :\ miss you miss you miss you come back la

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