Saturday, March 6, 2004

i'm good
i'm good without you

yee-hah sammmmmmmm'sss bacccckkkkkk !!
after 5 frickin weeks in the us of a thank goodness she's FINALLY back ..

met up with the girls yesterday and had a ball just doing nothing
walked around a lot and i nearly bought the sims deluxe pack
the sims is seriously an addictive game
my favorite part is decorating the house and buying stuff to fill up the damn nice house that i built and wallpapered and what not HA HA

maybe i should go buy it later

original yuki and yaki plan was scrapped cos everyone had to scoot and no one was all that hungry anyway. nydc plan was scrapped too cos li wasn't going to be there anymore and it was just too far. pasta mania plan then was scrapped too cos we were too lazy to leave heeren
had dinner at marche but as usual due to the prices i refuse to pay, i didn't end up eating all that much except my usual ham and cheese crepe

posting results'll be out soon
and a whole buncha people are going to poly
nothing wrong with poly but i guess i was just getting ready/used to seeing them around and then they're all just leaving for poly
oh dumdeedum

meeting the girls later again for a night out

daryl: thanks thanks i think i look like a nerd but a very happy nerd nonetheless
jiamenie: jiamenie perng :) you idiot are you trying to make me melt in my seat then i have to be scooped up or whattttt missin ya babe
vern's hus/band: hello cole aw what can i say, vern loves me more la haha
pau: thanks dear i love you too and you'd better believe ittttt :)
joel: oh yeah i melted like an ice cube on a warm day :( that was the best scene definitely :)

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