Sunday, May 30, 2004

something's gotta give

my last day as an official student of ACJC
it's been a pretty amazing six months and i (honestly) think i have the most terrific class and the most incredibly incredible friends
it's all very bittersweet, really.

the memories will live on.
(and the photos too)

they totally caught me by surprise when we had this total surprise trojan-type pizza feast during lunch, with like 8 pizzas and all.
-cue for tears #1
then they dedicated 'that thing you do' by the wonders thru the PA system for 'for-you day'
-cue for tears #2
joel emereged with a big haagen daaz chocolate cake

-cue for insane bawling

they make leaving so difficult.

not like i really want to go all insane drama queen here,
but i love 1AA3
in fact i love them so much i think it's illegal.


headed home to sleep for a bit before jillyan and junni came over.
stood outside rouge for a record one and a half hours.
and i don't really know why.
eventually went in and ..
the night really wasn't all that.
nothing too much happened over there.

jill stayed over.

woke up and jill was having a terrible headache
slept for a bit more before i had to go out and meet j and jill decided to sleep in a bit more so she continued snoozing in my room
caught eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
'scuse the language .. but it was a fucking amazing movie
totally blew me away

walked around for a bit more with j & sam

met mike and we kind of just walked around without really knowing where we were heading
ended up spending the most part of our time in kino
tried very hard to get in tune with my philosophical side. pythagoras .. metaphysics .. plato ..
this philosophy thing isn't easy.
but quiteeee interesting actually
ended up with a neckache


a day full of nothingness.
i like nothingness

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