Thursday, May 27, 2004

i wish i was brave
i wish i was stronger
i wish i could feel no pain
i wish i was young
i wish i was shy
i wish i was honest
i wish i was you not i

rugby match was a highlight of the day.
then it started raining.
what a spoiler
but mud rain and dirt couldn't stop the game and by jove it was a really good one. but whenever wherever whatever the weather no matter what happens .. THE AC SPIRIT LIVES ON MAAAAAANNNN
i think the ruggers played an excellent game

headed out with JEEMS after the match and just had dinner at scotts. at the end of the day, we're just homiiieeessss haha

caught shrek II with a lot of people. like a mini-class outing of sorts. maaaan .. "PUSS ! .. IN BOOTS" quite a lot of doing nothing but i found the most ace CD shop EVER. the jazz and bossa section is HEEUGE and you get to listen to a lot of the albums. thumbellina up i say

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