Thursday, June 24, 2004

and baby all my candy kisses
i give them to you

me and my SATC dvd's have been inseperable for the past few days. we've had a swimmingly good time together and .. i think i'm in love. just me, carrie, miranda, charlotte, and samantha. and SMITH JERROD of course (played by jason lewis, the hottest male model alive. and i kid you not.)
the one thing that's bothering me is that i don't have all the discs in season 6 and i'm kind of hanging now. this is so not good. me thinks i need my daily feed of SATC. pronto :

other than that, haven't really been doing much. and the undeniable truth is that once a day passes, i kind of instantly forget whatever really happenens. its like .. daily amnesia. and i have to rack my brains hard before i can actually get a vague picture of what i did. i say i'm getting old.

but i remember yesterday because i went shopping
and it's virtually impossible to forget shopping (thanks sam. -kisskiss.)

bought myself three so very wonderful fcuk tees and i am so very pleased. and i realise that so very seems to be the phrase of the moment here. hmmm

heard a very disturbing rumour a few days back (another little snippet you just can't forget even when you TRY damnit). all i can say is, move on little dimwit. cos i'm a better person than you and i know it. all you do is spread hurtful lies. good luck with your life pal, cos nobody likes a liar.

my tendency
for dependency
is offending me
it's upending me
i'm pretending see
to be strong and free
from my dependency
it's warping me

so much love
so rare to dare
afraid of ever being there
take me home
i need repair
take me please
to anywhere

descended from
demented men
struggle with
the art of Gen
please don't look
too close at me
you might not like
what you see

night craving
sends me crawling
beg for mercy oh
a vacancy
that's full of holes
hold me please
i'm feeling cold

descend all the way all the way
warped and scared
of being there

red hot chilli peppers - warped

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