Friday, June 25, 2004

it's gonna burn for me to say this
but it's comin from my heart

first thing's first
it's a royal tragedy
oh the dull ache in my heart

everyone please please pleeeease do me a tremendous favour and message me at 94552346 to give me your numbers. (again) it would help to ease the pain so very muchy.

the dipshit that took it bettttter have a starving family or two to feed and is actually this honest chap that had no choice but to steal my phone and pawn it so that his family(ies) wouldn't die. of hunger. and poverty. and all that jazz.

and no i will not entertain the thot in my head that's yelling WELL THEN SMARTYPANTS WHY WOULD HE BE AT CHINA BLACK? hmm. well .. let's give him the benefit of the doubt. okay? :(

the night in recap

- dinner at thai express with sam, dith, wyn, li, huis and sean.
- quite the yummers
- paid my bill entirely in coins (WHATTT ..)
- met marnkie and took a long walk to the coolio paragon toilet
- chinablack. undoubtedly still one of my fave nightspots around and minus the phone thingy? it'd have been a pretty dang groovy night. panicked for a bit and took a chill pill and ended up being surprisingly composed. soo we danced the night away and i think i was even more determined to have a good time after that. I COULDN'T LET THAT EVIIIL PHONE NOT-RETURNER RUIN MY NIGHT.
- (big thanks to the maxxxxxx for my homies for forgoing some pretty darn good r&b to hunt my phone down. much love there to sam, steph, marns, dith and wyn. what would i be without you guys? -kisskiss.)
- but honestly, what kind of party ends at 240?! this one does, evidently. it was pretty abrupt but oh well. we were pretty tuckered out anyway. it was techno till the very end. all thanks to mr green-hat but it was a lot more fun then i thot it'd be. cos techno is technically never fun. but it was last night so .. that's a good thing there :)
- hung around at 7-11 talking for quite a while :) before heading home entirely worn out and fell straight to sleep after a good bath.

on the up-side of things, i am (surprisingly) still alive and did not get slaughtered by my mother as predicted. she's since bought me a new phone but nothing can compare to my lovely baby :( BOOHOOO .. the dull ache aches on.

audio: ben jelen - come on

-: haha so it was probably me you saw then. hmmm too bad i didn't get to see you tho
shu: chengy cheng shu yar hiiii .. :) miss you too babe
lala: the states - in november or so

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