Saturday, June 26, 2004

come on
without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

last entry of what may be a week (i hope i find a computer there) cos of my trip to hongkong/shenzhen. i don't really want to leave singapore actually but i guess it'd be good. cos it might be a little hard for me to see everyone going back to school and me kind of just .. well .. not.

yes siree.
- i hope holland (the netherlands? are they the same?) beats sweden tonight
- i hope everyone does well for their terms/ct's/mid-years
- i hope poly will be fun for the polyers
- i hope my trip will be fun and i won't be bored silly like i predict i will
- i hope all of you remember me dearly in your hearts for this whole week amidst your terms
- especially if i don't find a computer
- and CAN'T BLOG
- oh deary me.

flights pretty darn early tomorrow so i'll have to be out of the house by 8. much love to everyone - drop me a message or two if there's anything you want from HK or china. very disjointed entry here my dad is shooing me out of the room :\ REJECTION!

sandra: i got the 3120?
sal:-sigh. tell me about it :jillyan: haha yes jill you know i can't live one day without it
mich: cant get to your tagboard :( soo .. i think goh chok tong is cool you know. shitnitz mich help me get his autograph. haha okay just messin with you. yeah it sucks : -sigh. message me your number!

i'd rather be blue, thinking of you
i'd rather be blue over you
than be happy with somebody else

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