Friday, June 18, 2004

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd

JEEMS day out on wednesday.
let's just say it was all very therapeutic being in their presence. i was most certainly as happy as punch :) i think we'd have fun even if we were doing like the most un-funnest thing around. like .. having a root canal or something.

i'm sure sam would see the bright side of things like "hey you know we'll be rid of an annoying tooth and and .. um it'll be great!" dith would say something real silly to make us all laugh and piss our dentists off. i'd be there to tell marns (ala eyebrow threading) that it's all gonna be over soon and she'd in turn pretend to believe that's actually working and do the same for me and calm my very frazzled nerves hold my hand tight thru it and j will pretend it's not painful in a strangely masculine way so we all won't be more terrified than we have to be. (and if wyn was there she'd be making corny horny jokes about the dentist and making the dentist laugh too - effectively lightening the situation and lessening the pain. haha.)

but i miss wyn so much :( so. so. so. so. so. so much. looking so very much forward to seeing her SOON

so there.

i've finally gotten my hands on the sex and the city dvd's - seasons 2 thru 6. bravo there to my mom's friend :) pretty coolio aye. now most of my waking moments will most definitely be spent in the dizzy world of sex, love and jimmy choos. hurrah! me so very digging carrie bradshaw right now.

centro last night was aight. one thing that really stuck was the karaoke boat-junk thingy that was sailing right before our eyes. bizzaro really but funny nevertheless. thanks for the night girls - much love there -kisskiss.

feeling a surge of emotions that can only be justified by influence from the girls in SATC. its the SATC talking here. i can't explain it. it's a phenomenon. crikes what am i saying ?!

and i just can't ignore
that each day i like you
more than the day before

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