Tuesday, June 15, 2004

the mystifying ways of the adolescent mind

juicy secrets vol 1.
rummaging through archives and going to many layout places before i finally decided on this. am still incredibly upset that the tagboard is too big and it doesn't fit anywhere nicely and people have to scroll horizontally. and i personally abhor horizonal scrolling. with a vengeance.

looking at my layout kind of makes me hungry.
anyone up for strawberries?

long entry comin right up.

i'll have you know that since my return from thailand i've been doing nothing but nothing. just hanging around the house and bumming around a whole lot. can't say i've got much to complain about. especially when there's oprah twice a day on weekdays :)

bits and pieces of the week in recap.


sam messaged to say her flight was postponed and i started getting all anal and whiney about it. LIKE I DON'T MISS HER ENOUGH ALREADY. but nevertheless she's coming back soon (in about four hours actually) and i'm eagerly awaiting her return :)

looked through old pictures and started getting all nostalgic (SNIFF SNIFF) about ze lovely st nicks uniform. (OH the blue pinafore. OH the cloth badge. OH OH OH) we all looked so happy and carefree and young and .. happy. did i mention HAPPY?

SOOO i gave best-friend huis a call and ended up on the phone for close to five hours. haha. really talking about nothing at all much but it felt pretty dang good anyway. and one hour of which was in mostly silence cos we were watching a show together and getting mighty freaked out.

i do so miss her very muchy :(


errand running with my mom and didn't get home till late afternoon. by which i was so tuckered out i promptly fell straight to sleep. awoken by dinner and drank a bowl of soup. (footnote: my entire family's on a diet now so there's absolutely nothing fattening on the dinner table. it's like a diet ratrace: see who reaches their ideal weight first by july 15th. i've gotta say i'm losing cos i just pigged out on teddy grahams during my oprah fix. AND my mom exercises everyday AND has amazing discipline. oh welly well well well.)

claud called and i don't know what happened but she ended up at my place. caught up and we talked and it felt quiteee good there i must say. sitting on my sofa eating kiam-sng-tee and laughing always makes me feel good. or maybe it was just having an ol' friend over :)

then j sprung a surprise call and talked to her for quite a bit. and even though i had to watch friends and extreme makeover on mute, it was aight. felt satisfied just talking to her and catching up on her life.


tomorrow's the TOEFL test at burlington square and i have to get there by 830. and it's three and a half hours long! oh blimey. but i'm wayy too psyched about seeing the jeems tomorrow i ain't letting nothing rain on my parade. it's gonna be absolutely fantastic seeing them -BIG WIDE GRIN :D

pretty stoked about the personal trainer on thursday morning as well. LOOK FORWARD TO A LEEEAN MEEAN LOVE MACHINEE.

baha :)

-: haha you lucky bugger you got to suntan? well it might've been me you saw. was it a frumpy dude with ugly slippers? haha then that'd be me
rachel: vegas baby, vegas.

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