Monday, June 7, 2004

funny how a few words turned into sex

on the cruise now.

#1: I AM VERY DIZZY. i don't really know why because the ship's rather stable but nevertheless i'm feeling a bit nauseous here. i just want to sleep all day.

#2: I AM VERY BORED. very. very. very. i am so bored you could cut my boredom into eights and divide it among the entire world. and there'd still be extra boredom left to keep for future use. ARGHHHHH. there is absolutely nothing to do here.
i am determined to entertain myself. maybe i shall go to the gym. HMMM ..

#3:I AM VERY SLEEPY. you see my grandma is a habitual snore-er and i was kept up the whole night. i ended up sleeping in the balcony on the teensy deck chair with my comforter and (surprisingly nice and mooshy) pillow.
i say this brings pathetic to a whole new level.

have i mentioned that i'm BORED?!


the next four days will be better the next four days will better the next four days will be better.

trying very hard to convince myself here.

i miss everybody already.

and i'm still dizzy. haha i'm being such a moody bitch.

-: haha well i'm on the ship too and the computers are dreadfully slow .. bugger that.

rachel: hey well i'm going to be working for my dad for a bit before going to the states. i suppose :

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