Monday, June 7, 2004

prozac nation

prepare yourself for a long dreary entry.

figured i might as well come online again (and blog again) seeing that i will be spending practically the whole day tomorrow in bangkok and nary a tinge of time to seek solace in my little computer world. so .. here i am.


i don't know if i've attained enlightenment or something but i kept having these wisdomatic (albeit strange) thoughts througout the day. you know the seas are just so crazily azure-blue and they just look so ... clean. i mean, that is if you don't think about the fact that underneath those still waters may lay some sharks lurking around just waiting to bite your head off.
or maybe not.

either way, standing on the deck, i really felt i could just reach out and touch the horizon. the fine line where the sky merges into the ocean or the seas touch the heavens. you know? oh i know you know. it was all really beautiful.

reminded me of God's beauty and grace. and how things like the sea and the sun could only be created by the Almighty. not to go all crazy preaching here but maaaan .. it was. pretty darn incredible.

that's enough wisdom for the day. i'm getting very conscious of my loud clacking on the keyboard when everyone else in the library is sleeping or reading their emails quietly. (save for these two french ladies beside me who are "whispering" to each other. more like .. stage-whisperish. if i understood french, i would be able to give you a detailed account of their conversation. but sadly i don't. oh big hairy bollocks)

-: haha you can say that again. not much fun around here .. BUT the air is daaamn fresh! mm hmm i'm on balcony as well .. i'm looking forward to bangkok and getting off the ship though.

daryl: noooo maaaan its roccckkkyyyy .. maybe i'm just weak. haha

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