Thursday, June 3, 2004

place your hand in mine
i'll leave when i wanna

my amazing bossa song. my happy music. tune therapy. soulful samba. beautiful bossa.

.. aw you get it.

"someone to hold me tight
that would be very nice
someone to love me right
that would be very nice
someone to understand
each little dream in me
someone to take my hand
to be a team with me

so nice, life would be so nice
if one day i'd find
someone who would take my hand
and samba through life with me

someone to cling to me
stay with me right or wrong
someone to sing to me
some little samba song
someone to take my heart
and give his heart to me
someone who's ready to
give love a start with me

oh yes, that would be so nice
i could see you and me, that would be nice"

music: astrud gilberto - so nice (summer samba)

i talk to you every now and then
i never felt so alone again
i stop to think at a wishing well
my thoughts send me on a carousel

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