Tuesday, July 27, 2004

come on come on
the world will follow after

i have this very annoying 'kings of chaos' popup
it claims to be a computer game or some sort of online game or something
can someone please enlighten me .... WHAT IS IT?!jillion years. it felt nice being there again .. seeing my four-year old pencil marks where i wrote on her wall "wHateVer toMorRow bRings, i'Ll bE thErE witH oPen aRms and oPeN eYeS" (even in my sec one uncoolness of wRitiNg lIke tHis, i guess i [heh heh] already had pretty good taste in music. incubus was so very our type of band)

old memories etched on her walls
pretty dang amazing

i don't know why but i ended up folding all her t-shirts. SHE IS EXPLOITING ME.
and i had to fold her berms and boxers and shorts too.
i am a one-woman folding machine baby

marns and sam popped over a while later
a pretty splendid experience
all of us in the kitchen trying to get the food cooked. (menu: marcaroni and cheese + satay with peanut sauce + starbucks + yakult)
sam nearly burnt j's kitchen down with her satay microwaving escapade
eventually, we cooked the food and ate it in the comfort of jae's room.
samoo was being nonsensically silly and cracking us up but too bad she had to leave for drama :(
i say ..sigh.

after foodie time, marns jae and i just switched off all the lights and lay on jae's bed, looking at the ceiling where her fibreglass light was projecting all this pretty swirls and colors. the stereo blasted songs from our past, wayyy back in sec 2.
jars of clay and googoo dolls and foo fighters and the cranberries
we laughed we talked but mostly we just enjoyed the company of each other

j says, 'we're more than a clique. we're like a cult'

yesterday, i felt unbelievably lucky
knowing that in this big big big universe, there are these people that i can run to for comfort, solace, laughter, and endless hugs and shoulders to cry on. even when we're not saying anything at all, even when we're just sitting there looking at the ceiling, it feels good just being around them. just .. pretty dang good

a funny ep of friends made my night

i don't like gastric problems.
remember to eat, even when you're not hungry, okay?

sometimes, i feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear.
and i can't help but ask myself
how much i'll let the fear take the wheel and steer.
it's driven me before, and it seems to have a vague,haunting mass appeal.
but lately i'm beginning to find
i should be the one behind the wheel

incubus - drive

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