Friday, July 23, 2004

they tell you i'm difficult
but so are they

my throat is sore
and that could maybe perhaps be kinda sorta my fault for eating a quarter of a bottle of nutella yesterday. but in defence

random thought here
christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year
everything about christmas makes me happy.
christmas music christmas movies christmas presents christmas trees christmas colors
(hoho evidently i still can't get enough of the color thingy. too much fun)

cos HBO's playing the home alone series (only the macaulay ones) and those movies are really amazing. they spell christmas. don't you think? all the christmas tunes and the family warmth and all that shiz

i miss christmas
and july's the worst . you're like right smack in the middle of christmases.
far away from the previous one and nearly as far from the next one.
i can only count the days

christmas makes me a blithe ol sprit

--: and if it helps, it's from a brand called 'nima'
jillyan: i miss you guys tooooooooooo :(

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