Monday, August 23, 2004

all the girls in every girlie magazine
can't make me feel any less alone

realised that with this newfound (two months is still very newfound) free time on my hands
little things make me very happy
like looking in the mirror and realising that my ponytail is much longer than it was like a week ago
dunno why but so extremely satisfying and gratifying
(plus i now can't stop flipping my hair over my shoulder. quite a thrill. and i keep shaking my head from side to side just to feel my ponytail whooop acros my shoulders. this is truly the thrill drill)

it may sound kind of um well stupid
but i genuinely believe i am NOT the only one
its strangely therapeutic

like i said
we have to create our own happiness (ie. mindless entertainment)

in other news, last week was uneventfully eventful

visited ac and particularly aa3 on thursday (miss them to bits and pieces)
j after that looking quitee hotstuff in her uniform. just us with our mango frapps and hot cocoas and li for a bit after
and starbucks has damn friendly people waitstaff
they just like to grin a lot and that kinda compells you to buy something
is this their sales tactic?! (well it works tho so you know whatever works for them)

met up with the JEEMS on saturday and sent li off. honestly i hate departures and tearful goodbyes. i really don't even want to think about how its gonna be like on a particular saturday in january
got some shopping done which was marvy
daryl's party at night (happy birthday mr twenteen) .. it was a hour-long journey home. but nevertheless the ride home was greatly appreciated

after my delish lunch (which i've found out is going to be asam prawns and vege galore) i shall go and meet j at UWC and maybe we'll go have more starbucks

this entry has been punctuated with many (brackets like these). this means i always have afterthoughts. i don't know why i said that

havent blogged for too long

passer: bag's from topshop skirt's from zara

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