Friday, August 27, 2004

i'd love to tell you
stay inside the lines

i am agggggravated
and aggggggrieved
and angggggggggry

this is going to be a long and disjointed entry
just watch me

have been burning cd's since early yesterday morning
sat in front of my computer for six whole hours
and then luckily j called so i went to go meet her
ps is quite a little paradise
i wonder why we don't go there more often
i got me six pairs of earrings :)

(and btw,
i love you quite a lot. okay. a lot a lot. BIG HUG. aiya six long years of friendship .. no need to be mushy anymore right)

i love you :)

but anyway
because of j that stupid woman, i missed singapore idol (and instead spent the time outside the topshop changing room. but i enjoyed it so its okay jae i dont blame you haha)
altho they 'recapped' the performances like damn a lot of times after that during the results show so technically i really didn't miss all that much
plus i rushed home in time to catch olinda's performance
i like him

i dont know why i was so excited during the results show when its sooo apparent anyway
but i am looking forward to next week's ep
BOOOOOY am i looking forward to it
heh hee heh heh heh
i think there's something seriously wrong with me

it sucks being a cd burner (the person, not the contraption)
i've utterly fucked up two whole cd's cos i dunno why in the middle of nowhere there are like 4 blank tracks?! which is just .. ugh
i mean .. wtf is up with that shizzz
and it takes like blooooody forever to burn one cd. MY COMPUTER SUCKS

sigh can't wait for J's bday dinner tonightttt

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