Sunday, August 29, 2004

if you want me to stay
i'll never leave

the past two days have been pretty dang marvy

FRIDAY was j's birthday
ve's birthday was celebrated too
dinner at fish & co was great. stuffed ourselves way silly
spouses were banned from the table so it was just us, us, and more us
and more than anything
we took like a bajizillion photos. like there was no tomorrow. mm we really haven't seen each other for too long. so we all whipped out our cams and took photos. a lot of photos. a lot.

the LOVE sign outside fish & co was all ours for like 20 whole minutes
like bloody tourists we were weaving in and out of the L-O-V-E
funnest of the funnestest :)
i miss them dearly
can you feel the love?

pool at monster after that but i kinda played for all of ten minutes before i went into total zone-out mode.

SATURDAY was sam's birthday

soulmates for life :)

the party was divine.
absolutely amazing
brilliant! terrific! spectacular! stunning! extraordinary!
needless to say
i enjoyed myself

i had a ball just taking photos (yes, more)
it seems the JEEMS really never get tired of taking photos. we are cursed i tell you
a major highlight.
MATT THE MATTHEW WAN shizz his costume was too cute. he was totally man of the hour i tell you. so prouda him. he was the only guy that really made an effort altho i did see some semi-retro shirts around. AND me so totally lovin his shades. stylo to de milo


the rest of the guys were all total cheeeeeeeeaters la all came in their normal clothes
and i was looking forward to leslie's afro like damn a lot
BUT BUT BUT? he came in a cap. where is the afro huh? >:(
but this kinda made up for it.

leslie so handsome right

most of the girls tried wearing something retro. it was so cute :) i thought sarah looked nice in her dress and sam's classmates dress with that pink thingy was damn damn groovy

i had a really, really brill time

my girlfriends made this day an amazing one, even tho it wasnt my birthday, i was feeling tremendously good anyway. please, feel the love?


bumming around at mccafe after that with sam dith marns aude jules iman and mahasin.
just talking and chillin out :)

and my glowing trophy is hanging happily on my bedpost

:) :)

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