Sunday, August 8, 2004

defense is paper thin
just one touch and i'll be in

yesterday was quite a marvy day
sigh JEEMS (JEWEMS too) days are always splendid
brill company
and really that's what matters, right?

teatime/dinner at max brenner's
or as j calls it matter of factly .... 'max'
we all loving chocolate very much.
us and our hugmugs make for a lot of happiness in the air.

'weowwww' and 'eeeee' certainly made me laugh quite a bit
as it always does

this is going to sound gay but my seriously damn gorgeous mates that make me seem like nothing but a little uggers kid next to them
seriously their legs CAN LONGER A BIT OR NOT HUH HUH HUH?
disgruntled musings of a short person that looks exceptionally frightful in photos.

excuse me miss.

topping the charts of the night ..
- us 5 sitting on the step-like thingys near the so very uggs merlion (with it spitting water into the sea) plus the very nice sea breeze. singing stupid songs and saying silly things. and well we cannot forget the pretty nice skyline-ish view of the oriental, pan pac, ritz, marina mandarin blah blah how come all hotels.
very comfortable, very comforting.
and altogether extremely captivating

for more details visit sam's blog on the LHS.

i just want to go and enjoy my lazy sunday.

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