Sunday, August 15, 2004

when life gives you lemons
add vodka

michael phelps is seriously the new man of the moment
pretty sensational
my mother and i have been totally reduced to screaming fans
eeeee faster faster omigod he's so fassst eeeee he's so gonna win eeee omigod omigod NEW WORLD RECORD!

but true.

the JEEMS were all clad in skirts yesterday. INCLUDING J (i'd like a rounda applause thank you).
tried to post the pic here but can't seem to so visit sam's albums on the LHS to get a good look.

day out yesterday with the JEEMS.

shai: sunshai :) HEYY you how you been doing?
jon: ay hi jon hi jon hi jonnnnn. i've been okay lah just bumming around at home all the time. i'm coming back to school with a lot of food to visit betttttter give me a warm welcome

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