Monday, August 16, 2004

two things i forgot to note down yesterday.

#1. shoutout to LAURA CHIA

haha okay okay not bimbo okay just a bit blur um here and there. but altogether still marvelous. OKAY? but don't bluff okay laureo you totally didn't look properly. otherwise you'd have seen me. the varibo of all haribos. COME ONNNNN! and please laura. let us not fight over phelps. how bout he's yours monday weds fri he's mine tues thurs sat and sunday we let him have some free time. fair or not

#2. EDITH CHOW and her dumb comments

VA: sigh yeah so yesterday we spent damn a lot of money
DITH: oh so like retail therapy right?
VA: mmm yup yup yesterday was totally retail therapy day
DITH: talking about therapy .. i've got something to tell you
VA: hmm?
DITH: ...... um i bought my classmate a terrapin for his birthday.

uh hahahhahahahahahhahaha um
okay it was funnier when she said it
somehow it doesnt look so funny all typed out

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