Monday, September 20, 2004

crazy in love

has it already been a week?

week-long blogging hiatus
you know how when you don't blog for a while you suddenly don't have very many things to say anymore. you kinda just lose the whole blogging feel
i'm expecting all that to change in the next ten minutes

i've been typing and deleting and typing and deleting countless times
this is getting very trying. maybe i'll just type whatever comes to mind

i feel like eating salmon.

first things first, welcome home wyn :)
the JEWEMS look set to be complete for the next seven days

i'm actually pretty stoked about the trip next week for a number of reasons

1) i like to shop. and i am going to. just watch me
the JEWEMS have very kindly decided to craft a shopping list for themselves. being the best friend she is, sam's also going to give me a list of places i simply have to go to.
and get her $4.95 kitten heels. and yes, dips marns - SIZE 8. i know.
j you should also give me your shoe size so i can buy you a pair. you really need new shoes.

2) i cannot wait to see my sis. seeing her twice a year hardly counts as barely seeing her at all. and it will be nice to see her apparently very nicely furnished place. i miss her.
esp looking at old family photos with mike yesterday.. i just miss my sis a lot right now. we have all these really cute photos from way back that i should really post

3) i can check out the school. mm hello UNLV. pls approve my application. all you need is a 2.5 GPA. i have a 3.9. i've sent you all the shenanigans you need. pls hurry up. chop chop pls time is ticking away as i type

4) vegas is a home away from home. and it will continue to be for the next four years or so. i need to start getting used to this place i havent' been to in five whole years. i don't know if it still qualifies as a home away from home if i havent' been there in so long. siegfried and roy were still there the last i went. WELL

5) i can watch american tv. for the uninitated, this means LIVE OPRAH. hello, this is a tres big deal to me. i proclaim myself the biggest oprah fan in singapore thanks. all day cable. AND my mom is installing TiVo. divine

6) i will not be here to distract my friends. by talking to them every night and making them go out with me when they've got promos coming up (hi sam)

and holidays are always such good fun. and i like packing. and unpacking. and stuff

but after the good points come the bad ones
i am going to be people-deprived for two whole weeks
particularly, i'm going to be boo-deprived

bon jovi is on continuous replay
mainly because i saw the VH1 special on them yesterday and am extremely impressed.. they're brilliant. and one particular song reminds me of the sylvester fellow who to be honest i think is kinda cute

and i'll be there forever and a day always
i'll be there till the stars don't shine
till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme

audio: bon jovi - always

rudy: hey yup i'm not in AC anymore i quit school last semester. i'm heading to vegas for college in january :)
passerby: sorry i havent quite had the time to come online the past week. i got the bag for xmas from my aunt from thailand last year but i've been seeing that design pop up a lot on bags all over far east. and nope i'm not a councillor
caine: haha HII
chary: i messaged you you biatch but you didn't reply. i'm free all this week call me you hear?!

my word
this is one long entry

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