Saturday, September 11, 2004

this bottled beast is taking me home

(wrote this part a while back. so it might seem a little outdated.)

cocoa latte on wednesday
the place was pretty brill the people were pretty good but the music was
i like the sinkless sinks in the toilet tho
definitely wasn't one of the better nights

had my fair share of laughs
i hope that justified the $15

initially quite a crowd but i think the music kinda drove people away and a lot of the j2's headed down to phuture .. so .. blooey.

supper at newton after
generally not too fantastic
i say thank god for friends


(and now we return to real time)

caught the terminal a coupla days back
and it was pretty darn good
the only thing was that it was a little long and the theatre was mother cold. and i was having indigestion from the stupid LJS meal i completely wiped out.
but other than that i say i loved the movie.
and i love the benches at my condo. somehow it's always windy there. but not the bench at the koi pond i dunno why there's no wind there. its the bench that kinda overlooks the pool. i like that bench. i like that bench a lot.

fabulouso :)

yesterday was a beautiful sunday of nothingness.
a lot of time on my sofa and on the phone and in front of my tv and eating a lot.
such joy.

passerby: hmm where'd you see me carry that bag? sorry jog my memory pls
shai: sunshai sunshai hi hi hi :)

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