Monday, September 6, 2004

don't be scared
don't hide your eyes

let it be known that one tree hill is now showing on channel 5 at 4pm on saturdays
mr chad michael murray is truly the new hotness and well
he looks utterly delish and 100% delectable

met the girls after, headed down to esther's farewell shindig
i think laureo and liping-bloodybigboobs did an amazing job doing all the planning
props to them :)

13 going on 30 again yesterday
generally a feelgood movie and now i wonder if razzles do exist
i want to eat them
both a candy and a gum!

a lot of walking yesterday
i think i am a boring person
pls feel free to tag me to tell me what people do when they go out
because i realise i don't really do anything but walk and shop, which is boring for him
and pls don't tell me to go to lan shops or play pool because it'll be boring for me
that is a problem innit?

totally stoked to be seeing marnkie and dips later
dith says today is casual day - only shorts and tees
very tempted to go down in my pj's (orientation tee and running shorts)
BUT i must remember that my friends will be wearing hot shorts and nice tees
not big shirts and like fbt's
so i must go and dress up so i won't look like their baby sister
SIAN lah

can't get the madonna song off my playlist
just want to listen to it over and over and over again

audio: madonna - crazy for you

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