Thursday, September 2, 2004

it might be you

sammy and i got soulmate-bestfriend piercings
we have happy little navels right now
and i quote my mom 100% when she says "WERE YOU UNDER HYPNOSIS?!"
mm hmm like totally mom. really now
out with the girls yesterday
i like seeing them mucho :)
they studied, i ate too many doritos, drank some yummers pure choc and read magazines

dinner at night at some my choice place with the prima people
sat there with a synthetic smile the entire timeee
dinners which your parents drag you to and make you recount your entire life story and tell these people you barely know your plans for the future and whatnot?
tres uncomfortable

passerby: stuart weitzman

what if i stumble
what if i fall
what if i don't deserve you at all

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