Monday, October 30, 2006


Eve of Halloween, y'all!
Can you believe it's been a year since, well, last Halloween?
The same agonizing over costumes this time around, too.

This year should bring more large laughs and good times, or at least i certainly hope so. Especially since this year's the last Halloween here for a good bunch of them :[ So, let's bring out the damn costumes. Heck with the judgmental looks we're bound to get!

But I am a little worried about my kinda different but admittedly super boring costume, though. I doubt people will actually figure out the image i'm trying to emulate but i'll try, i'll try. I'm even thinking of printing a photo and bringing it around but yes, i know that just brings loozer to an entirely new plane.
Oh! And no, in the spirit of Hallowhoreween we have grown so familiar with: No garter belts or lace or excessive booty involved in this outfit.

But still. So tame compared to many a (scantily clad though I predict they'll end up all covered up because of the weather) flying critter/ fairytale character the rest are planning are going as.


Though I was in fact seriously contemplating this little number:

Strange (but) beautiful, Pi!

But I figured,
What with the chilly Fall air and all. It just wouldn't work and..
Oh come on, who else can pull off this look?

Fingers crossed for tomorrow night!


huis! said...

2 words:

you, are, crazy.

i said '2' because...
you're crazy!

huis! said...

actually, .... your blog isnt very satirical what! haha, haha.

samantha said...


what did you dress up as? i want to knw! :P hehe.