Friday, October 27, 2006

i'm thinking MOMA in NYC

From an undisclosed blog that is contemplating going public (DO IT LAH, WOMAN),

What will your obituary say?

Oh Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael,
It's mutual.


SARAHLEE said...

what is huis's new blog url?
is she planning to publicise it?

huis! said...

wah lao. siang si sarah lee.

anyway your orbituary neh come out leh!

you will not believe how big my panties are. should i sell them on ebay? HAHAHAH. it's like those girdle type you know you know!!! why my mother like thattt?! so sucks!


'so sucks' is my new lingo picked up from some ahlian blog that leona showed me.

'nah bey, so sucks can!'

dith said...

HAHAHAHAHA HUIS you really went siang si sarah lee

is she the pound cake !!!

Haha I LOVE YOUR POUND cakes btw

anw wth, my obitury says

"crazed with gluttony, Edith died in the arms of a lover.

Edith will be missed by her cat ! :