Wednesday, October 25, 2006

marsh attacks

The girls of 2B have a new addition!

Marshie (she's a budding linguist for sure.. what with the commands in like, 4 different languages) reduces all of us into bumbling, gurgling, whiney idiots with a major lack in vocabulary. But boy, do we love her.

Aw you little cutiepooweepiewoobiehoneybunchsugarpie.


huis! said...

so cute so cute so cute!!!!!!!!!!

anyway i decided to peek in on nobuta wo produce and yamapi is like this strange boy in the show. but i understand why you like him. he's really funny.

SHUMIN said...

ITS A MINI SCHNAUZER! OMGOMGOMG.. smokey is a mini schnauzer toooooo!
va, your blog has reduced me to a bumbling blubbering... person.


xue said...

hey eva! i couldn't help but to comment. AH SHE'S REALLY CUTE!! her face is damndamn cute!!!

xue said...

yup it was me. and thanks! i need all the luck i can get man. ha ha. anyway hope little marshie learns fast! heh. soso cute.